Declaration Service


Are you CDS ready? 

What is CDS? 

CDS stands for Customs Declaration Service; it’s a new declaration system that is replacing the old CHIEF system. The main reason for this change is that CHIEF has been operating since 1994 it has become outdated and unable to adapt and comply with EU customs requirements following BREXIT.

When will this happen? 

30th September 2022 for imports, and 31st March 2023 for exports.

What’s the difference?

Completing a CHIEF declaration is geared towards paper completion, CDS is geared more to digitalised documents; a major difference will be the retirement of the C88 document.

Is Barker and Hood ready? 

Of course we are, we are already producing CDS clearances and training the team ready for the change in September.  

Got more questions? 

Read this PDF 

See also here for direct information from HMRC