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Barker and Hood are experts in the transportation of your pet by road or air and can arrange the safe and reliable transportation of you pet across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Specialising in the transportation of most domestic animals including cats, dogs and rabbits, our UK-based pet transportation services can be relied upon to transport your family pets in a safe and comfortable environment.

The latest figures show that there are currently around 50 million pets in the UK with dogs making up a large proportion of these with over 24 percent of UK households currently having a pet dog. When it comes to the relocation of man’s best friend, Barker and Hood have the expertise to take care of all the details required and can help advise on all matters required for the European or Worldwide transportation of your pet.

At Barker and Hood, we understand that there is lots to consider when you are relocating so we aim to make taking care of your dog transport arrangements as straight forward as possible.

Preparing the arrangement for your pet travel can throw up a number of unexpected issues which is the last thing you need when preparing for relocation or for an extended trip away. At Barker & Hood we have a team of experts on hand to assist in every detail of your dog’s journey from old home to new or to the new home from home. We work with a number of leading transport companies who have been selected specifically for their knowledge of dog and pet transportation services.

Whether you are travelling inside the EU or further afield, it is a requirement that your dog has a Pet Passport before they can travel. At Barker and Hood we can assist with the acquisition of a passport for your dog prior to your travel or relocation. Depending on where you are travelling to will define what documentation and/or tests are required for your dog to be issued with a pet passport. We can assist in advising what it required and can help ensure that all relevant documentation is in order prior to travel.

In addition to acquiring a passport for your dog, when you are travelling within the EU or Worldwide there is likely to be additional documentation and/or vaccinations required before your dog is allowed to travel. As with the pet passport, we have a team of experts who are able to advise and assist in the acquisition of required documentation and make arrangements for necessary vaccinations.

When arranging pet transport by road or air it may be that additional kennelling is required. This is most commonly when a journey is carried out in stages or has a stop off whilst transferring from road to air transportation. At Barker and Hood we can help advise and arrange additional accommodation for your dog when it is required as part of the journey.

If you have any questions then you may find them answered on our Pet Transport FAQs page, otherwise Get in Touch to find out more about our Dog Transport Services

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